Summer is here. And I sneeze more, thanks to some mild allergies. The kids are out of school, and yard work is keeping me busy. I am

  • hard at work on Articulate 360. We’re doing regular updates now, shipping features every month or so.
  • playing Minecraft on the Chicken Pie Craft server. Currently trying to build an automatic tree farm.
  • maintaining and improving my daily habits: planning, exercising, flossing, journaling, reading, meditating, and decluttering.
  • still trying to recover from a pinched nerve in my shoulder. It’s put a damper on lifting, of course. But I’m still staying active each day, even if it’s just physical therapy exercises and a short walk.
  • doing lots of yard work. We ripped out a bunch of pavers and put in more sod.
  • proud of my son, who has got a small lawn mowing business going.
  • proud of another son, who is competing at nationals in the National History Day competition.

Last updated June 9th, 2017.