Blockstack: Buying My First Bitcoin

I’m going to need funds to participate in the Blockstack ecosystem, and right now, it’s built on Bitcoin. So it’s time to buy myself some Bitcoin.

I decided to go with Coinbase, mostly due to name recognition. As it turns out, setup is pretty easy. Just pick a username/password and a way to fund your account. I went with linking a debit card, because it’s faster. Giving them bank routing info would be cheaper and slower. So I will set that up for future transactions.

Coinbase has two factor authentication built in, and has you link your phone number to the account before you even setup payment information, so they can enforce that security.

Once it was all arranged, I bought quite a small amount of bitcoin. In other words, it’s really not worth trying to crack into my account. Now, I should be able to transfer some of those bitcoin over to my Blockstack account in order to handle the transactions that will need to occur as I setup my development environment and flesh out an actual application.